JCO 3348W Mono B4.1/B44.1/RB5 12mm Rear Wheel White (4)

JCONCEPTS JCO 3348W Mono B4.1/B44.1/RB5 12mm Rear Wheel White (4)

Quantity: 1

Mono 12mm hex wheels are a direct bolt-on and correct offset wheel for the Kyosho RB5 line of buggies. Please note while running these wheels on the Kyosho RB-5 its necessary to run a locking style wheel nut JC #2089 (blue) or #2090 (black) in the rear to have proper thread engagement into the wheel nut. JConcepts front wheels are only designed for running the standard configuration width (wide width) in the front. Running without a locking rear wheel nut or running the front-end in a narrow configuration can cause potential problems.


  • Popular dish styling and detail
  • 4 wheels included per package
  • Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow
  • Vent holes
  • Advanced manufacturing process and durable material
  • Fits Kyosho RB5 as a direct fit
  • Fits B4.1 front, B4.1 / B44.1 rear with adaptors