ARRMA - AR402119 Body Clear Arrma Raider XL

AR402119 Body Clear Arrma Raider XL with window masks and decals

Quantity: 1

This RAIDER XL clear Body Shell provides the perfect opportunity for you to paint and decal your own unique ARRMA colour scheme. Stand out from the crowd and learn new artistic skills by decorating your clear Body Shell to customise your ARRMA vehicle.

Make your ARRMA vehicle a real one-off.              


Material: Super-tough Polycarbonate

Aggressive ARRMA styling for awesome looks and maximum performance in all conditions – Clear pre-trimmed Polycarbonate material to allow for custom painted and decalled trim schemes – Protective outer coating to avoid unwanted over-spray during painting - Vehicle Decals included on high-quality vinyl sticker sheet for added detail and stylish looks


1 x RAIDER Clear Body Shell       

1 x RAIDER Decal Sheet


Polycarbonate-safe aerosol paint

Access to warm soapy water for washing Body Shell prior to painting